July, 11 2002:
  • batgba 2.25b released !

changes :

This version has some bug fixes and a new vram window.

-fixed breakpoints in the disasm dialog.
-fixed zip loading
-fixed debug opcodes
-fixed many opcodes with PC read/write
-fixed cpu banks switch
-fixed rom loading on command line
-file associations
-new window : vram viewer


July, 01 2002:
  • batgba 2.2b released !

changes :

This version is approximately 50% faster and has better compatibility,

-irq optimizations.
-cpu bugs fixed (multiplications)
-fixed some bios calls (uncompression)
-fixed disassembly of some opcodes (ldmia etc..)
-fixed system rom and unused areas accesses.
-no more bug with consecutive debug opcodes.

-elf loading bug re-fixed.
-arm core/instruction prefetch optimisations => faaaaaster !
-gfx :
     -fixed priorities and mosaic with mode 4 and rotation.
     -correction mosaic BG
     -faster rendering

avi export
-screenshot to clipboard
-window on top for debug windows
-priority setting
-the special opcodes for profiling will be documented in the
forum soon



June, 09 2002:
  • batgba 2.1b released !

changes :

-many core and sound bugs fixed.
-mode7 bug fixed.
-elf loading bug fixed.
-speed optimisations.

directdraw bug when restoring the window fixed.
-savestates bug fixed.
-the included bios is almost complete and can now be used.
-new debugging features:
    -step line, step frame, step over.
    -debugging can be disabled.
    -import to memory.
    -documentation of batgba's special opcodes.
-support for roms in zip files.
-screenshot (bmp and png export).
-recents list.
-windows xp styles (if you are running winxp)

  • It has been decided that batgba will be soon commercialised. In fact batgba will come in two versions :
    -the commercial version, with source-level debugging, vc++ integration and probably others features (price is not fixed yet).
    -the free version.
    Contact us if if you want to pre-order the first version of batgba pro.


May, 01 2002:

  • site creation
  • batgba 2.0b released !

changes :

-many cpu core improvements and bug fixes
-gfx core entirely rewritten, no more alpha-blend or windows bugs.
-irq, dma, timers are handled correctly now.
-direct sound channels are working fine.
-a little bios is included, with irq support.
-timings are more accurate
-eeprom 4kbits/64kbits emulation.
-sram 512kbits emulation.
-GUI improvements :
    -frameskip (removed the pseudo speed setting)
    -bios file loading
    -reload game
    -resize windows
    -window on top
    -analogics pads support
-debugging improvements :
    -memory edit
    -ioram registers view/edit
    -console window (log irq, dma, swi etc...)
    -special batgba breakpoints
    -special batgba print