Please read this faq before sending bug reports, and always try with the last version.

My game doesn't work with batgba :

  • you have to provide a valid bios file, batgba's internal bios has not all functions of the real bios.

  • try to disable sound, it may help.

  • if you have selected a bios file, try to set the "boot from bios" option.

I have a crash when I restore the window :

  • This bug is fixed with version 2.1b.

It's too slow !

  • try to use frame skip.

  • close all debug windows, or set "update dialogs" and "debug enable" to false.

I have set the "debug enable" option but the debug dialogs doesn't refresh properly

  • All the debug dialogs of batgba are actualised with each new frame, if "debug enable" and "update dialogs" are set. In fact the debug enable option can be used to speed up a little the emulator core in case you are not using debugging.

My savestate can't be loaded

  • The savestates of batgba 2.0b are buggy, you should use a newer version.

  • Each version of batgba has it's own format for .sta files, so you can't use the same .sta file with differents version of batgba.

I have a crash when I try to load a .elf file

  • This bug is fixed with version 2.2b.

  • Source-level debugging will come soon, batgba read debugging information in elf files, but doesn't use it for the moment.

What is the difference between "limit fps" and "vsync" ?

  • limit fps will keep the framerate at 60 fps, the same as on the real gba. If you have a fast computer, you must to set this option in order to slowdown the game.

  • vsync can't really be used for the moment. It will synchronise the frame rendering with the monitor frequency and provide smooth rendering if your monitor is set to 60hz, and if your video card support it...

The sound is terrible !

  • batgba must run at full speed (60fps) in order to have a continuous sound. If you can't bring the framerate to 60fps with frameskip, disable sound or buy a faster PC :)

I have no sound/some sounds are missing

  • batgba doesn't emulate GBC sounds, but only GBA direct sound channels.

I have strange visual effects with my demo which use rotating BG and HBLANK irq/HBLANK dma

  • This bug is fixed with version 2.1b.

I have strange results when I try to read or write to flashrom:

  • Flashrom is not emulated by batgba, so when you access the memory area mapped at 0x0E000000, you access SRAM, and not flashrom.

Avi export doesn't work !

  • Batgba use VideoForWindows, it's the win32 api that gives access to the video codecs installed on the computer. If the capture doesn't work, try to use a different codec, or different settings in the codec configuration dialog. Batgba will capture at the emulation speed, so you will get a framerate of 60fps even if the emulator wasn't running at this speed (unless you have set the frameskip option).

The output in the screen window doesn't match with what i see in the main window :

  • When a game is running, the debug windows are actualised only once per frame, so the output in the screen window may not reflect all the processing that was performed during the lines of the frame.

Is it possible to bring debug windows on top ?

  • If you have lost the windows behind others applications, you can bring them back by double clicking on the main window.

I can't set a breakpoint with batgba 2.2b !

  • This bug is fixed in the newer versions.